Lost Mines of Phandelver

After Darkness, Light
When the very elements fight against you

A distorted image of the elements steps through the portal. Its arms made of fire and water stretch out onto the field of flows. Its chest contorted with stone, dirt and air. The face is a blur of mixed elemental forces as the portal behind it continues to yawn ever wider. “So I may have underestimated this thing” Alain says as he climbs slow to his feet. “I thought I could control it”. Like a flash of lightning Kurbis moves across the ground and picks Alain up by his throat. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR GAMES MAGE!” he growls in his face. Alain doesn’t struggle but smiles weakly. “If your gonna do it….do it. I don’t have the strength anyways. But I think you are going to need my help to get through this.” Kurbis gives a conflicted look to the rest of the party. Torn between finally taking care of the one who has tormented them for so long and the horror that is slowly approaching them. “We may need the help” Feron says as he starts moving to take an offensive position. Kurbis tosses Alain to the side and pulls out Talon and his shield. “Stay behind me and do something useful then…..I will deal with your treachery once this business if finished” Miranis steps up to Alain and he struggles to a sitting position and places her hand on his chest. A warm golden glow flows through his form as wounds begin to heal. Tots shakes her head in frustration and begins chanting as wards surrond her and the rest of the party. Running to stand side by side with Kurbis, Mach pulls out Silver, “I suggest we get this over with then” he says with a growl. Alain stands up and pulls off his tattered robe revealing gleaming plate mail and sword on his hip. “Enemy of my enemy then” he says with a smirk. At that moment the distorted elemental straightens out and stands to its full height towering over everyone. A whispered voice fills the air “welcome to oblivion”. The sky suddenly shatters into a swirling chaos of stars colliding and an inhumane scream pierces the air…………..

What was done
The end of all things is nigh

The flame priestess had fallen and the party moved deeper into the Fane of the Eldar Eye. As they passed through the corridors they saw strange formations of small tornados forming out of thing air and waterfalls moving up. An earthquake started and finished without explanation. Of their enemies they did not see another soul. The near sacrificed man they rescued whimpered at each movement as he remembered the moments of torture he had endured. “Do we need to continue further?” he asked. The party slowed up and Kurbis turned and nodded grimly “We will see this through”. The decrepit man sighed and resigned himself to following this brave….or maybe foolish warriors. The group continued deeper and deeper but still the only the sound of the elements in this underground complex greeted them. After an hour of walking they rounded a corner and walked into a field of flowers and sunlight. Stunned each member looked around to see miles of yellow flowers and green grass. In the distance a forest and mountains could be seen. The old man laid down “at least if we die we will die surrounded by this beauty”. The rest of the group were wary eyed as they surveyed the scene. Suddenly Tots noticed something off a dozen feet ahead. It was almost as if the air shimmered. “Something isn’t right here….something magical” she said quickly moving towards the shimmering air. Suddenly some split the air and a battered and broken body was tossed over Tot’s head. As it hit the ground there was an audible cry of pain from the individual. Quickly Miranis and Kurbis ran to the person and rolled them over. With a cry of surprise Kurbis then growls “You…..”. Beneath a bloodied face a grin appears “Fancy…..fancy meeting you here paladin” Alain painfully gets out as suddenly a disfigured and distorted hand reaches through the tear and pull out a large and terrible form. Alain catches his breath, “I suggest we sort out our differences later….we have a serious problem”……………….

What Happened While You Were Gone
Or, Goddesses Do What They Want

Miranis had hardly seen the party off when the young Aarakocra delegate found her in the kitchen.
“Milady Miranis?”
“You can just call me Miranis. What is it?”
“I think there’s something that you should see,” he replied, and pointed towards the front of the tower.
She walked out of the kitchen and stopped just inside the main hall, looking around. The space was nearly empty, with just a passing servant moving through the far side of the hall. There was no sign of any soldiers, or Agatha, who Miranis felt an uneasy need to keep an eye on. And yet something felt odd, the air charged, and her skin tingling.
A ghostly orb of green light appeared in the center of the space. Miranis blinked and watched it move through the air towards her, loop around, then descend on the closed door of an office space. She and the Aarakocra walked over to the door together.
Miranis cast Detect Magic and frowned. “There’s something strange here…”
“You should follow it. I think you’re being called.” The Aarakocra nodded toward the door and stepped back. Miranis shot him a narrow look, then glanced at the door again. Green light glimmered around the handle.
“I’m supposed to be keeping an eye on the tower.”
“Well, something is happening here, and it does involve the tower.”
“Hmm. You do have a point.”
Miranis paused before touching the handle, which felt oddly warm, then opened the door.
It was the first-floor office she’d expected, and yet it wasn’t. Visible motes of light coasted through the air in thin rivulets and spangled on the edges of bookcases, brightening the dull oak to a dim radiance. The air in the room smelled mossy and damp, like the river glade near her old home. She moved towards the desk near the windows, the door drifting shut with a definitive click.
The green orb danced now in front of the largest window at the end of the room. It was wide open, curtains billowing lazily to either side, and light shivered between the frame and the wall, as if reality itself were splitting around it. The open window showed a forest suffused with green-gold light, while the smaller, closed windows to either side looked out on a rocky plateau.
Miranis stepped forward again, halting only at the frame of the window. She should probably be concerned at this clear display of enchantment, in a tower already plagued with mysterious magic and potential evil. Instead, she felt increasingly calm, a deep tranquility settling into her very bones. So she swung herself over the windowsill and into the forest.
There was a brief, brutal lurch of the world breaking and reforming in a heartbeat, and then she stood on a carpet of springy moss, already set on a gently worn footpath through the woods. Birds sang in the canopy, and the forest continued without end in all directions, tall trees with satiny silver bark, light green leaves, and small sprays of golden flowers. Miranis reached out to a trunk and found it reassuringly solid before the orb looped her hand and skated away down the path. So she followed, walking downhill for an endless moment in a dreamlike haze.
If she could have felt alarm, she would have. One moment, she was walking down the path quite alone, and the next, a woman walked beside her, her movements silent. Miranis glanced sideways. The woman was taller than her, wearing serenity like a cloak. If she was old or young, Miranis couldn’t have said, or described what she looked like. She seemed like an extension of the forest and air themselves, crowned in sunlight.
“Who are you?” Miranis asked. They were still walking, headed towards an unseen destination.
“Your mother knew me as Jannath.”
“My mother?”
“I have been waiting to come find you for a long time, Miranis. Though last I saw you, you were called Arri Galanodel.”
Miranis pitched to a halt at that, struggling against the dreamlike state. She blinked hard and shook her head while the woman turned to watch her, patient and quiet.
“Wait, who are you?”
“I just told you, daughter. Come, there’s something that I have to show you.” And the woman reached out a gentle hand, turned her, and they began to walk again.
They emerged in the glade suddenly. Like the entire forest, it seemed to fully exist only when they reached it, opening up suddenly, ringed by towering trees with a sunrise glow drenching the space. A pool of water rippled in the center, directly below a single tree, shorter than the others, and filled with a riotous explosion of flowers. The woman led Miranis to the edge of the water and gestured towards the surface, so Miranis tilted her head and looked.
The reflection showed an aerial view of islands. “Your mother was originally from the Moonshae Isles, though she kept that quiet enough by the time she reached Belhaven. She was a sworn priestess, and engaged in important work, before she met your father. A handsome one, your father, and so very tempting. She begged me to release her from service, and I agreed, upon a condition.”
She paused, and they both watched while the scene changed, racing towards a coastline that Miranis recognized, topped by dark evergreen forests, with the white towers of Belhaven perched on the cliffs.
“The condition, of course, was that one of her children would take her place.” Miranis caught her breath, torn between looking at the pond as the image circled Belhaven, and looking at the immortal creature speaking to her.
“And that, my daughter… is why your older brother was marked as mine.”
Miranis’s eyes wrenched upwards and found the woman looking both amused and pained.
“My brother?”
“Yes. You were not meant to be the one to take your mother’s place. Your brother was born with the correct aptitudes and inclinations. The fact that he was marked, however, and I felt his death, is the only reason that you are alive today.”
The image shifted again, darkness descending on the gleaming towers, and unnatural fires crawling up the stone, blackening it and eating it away like acid.
“The attack was merciless, planned carefully and hidden from my sight. I only knew something was wrong when I felt your mother and brother perish together. The fact that they died before you alerted me, and I was able to arrive in time to rescue you.”
Miranis stumbled a little, the revelation a heady dose in the middle of her dreamlike calm. “Are you the one who took me to Broggen?”
“I am, and left you there with an inclination to go seek out an old servant of mine, and the hope that you would grow to be someone I could use. You weren’t the descendent I intended, but you are the only one left, and use you I must.”
Indignation fought past the lassitude. “What in the bright havens are you talking about? I won’t be used by anyone!”
The woman was undisturbed, nodding back at the pool, which now showed a much younger Miranis walking with druids before flashing to her journeying across the countryside with Elizar and joining forces with her new friends at Scarlet Moon Hall.
“While I was pleased that you had learned so much with the druids, I hesitated. And then… then you were crowned.”
And there she was with Dregan, while they accepted the ancient artifacts beneath Feathergale Spire.
“The magic accepted you, and that was a promising sign. Your power has grown since then, and your quest has come more and more in line with my purpose. So here we are.”
“If you’re trying to make me calm right now, please stop,” Miranis said. Her thoughts swam, languid and sluggish.
The corners of the woman’s mouth tilted down. Her eyes flashed, and Miranis dragged in a deep breath, her mind suddenly clear.
“Where are we, and who are you?”
“You are in a temporary realm and will return safely enough. I have told you already that your mother served me as Jannath.”
Miranis frowned. “Jannath. Jannath of the Moonshae Isles.” Her mouth snapped shut, and she froze, taking in the goddess.
“More likely known to you as Chauntea. Yes. Now be still, and listen carefully.”
Miranis listened.
“I must send you back soon. Your bloodline is uniquely capable of channeling my powers, and I need to send you out now into the world carrying that power. You have seen the imbalance and destruction, and it must be stopped before there is no longer a chance for recourse. You and your companions have done well; but the time has come that I must send out envoys and interfere more directly.”
“What if I say no?”
Chauntea’s eyebrow quirked, and she cast her eyes towards the pool. Miranis looked as well, to see an image of the rest of her party, most of them frozen as stone. She bit back a groan, and involuntarily looked back through the forest, calculating how quickly she might be able to get back to the tower.
“Be still, and listen. You try my patience,” the goddess snapped, and Miranis realized that she had already started edging back towards the path. “You can do them no good as you are. But perhaps we can help each other.”
“You are not the child who was promised to my service, but I believe a deal would be beneficial to both of us. Serve as my envoy and cleric through the end of eradicating these elemental evils, and you will be free of service, if you choose to be. In return for your faithful service, I will be a faithful mistress to you. There are many players in movement, and you are just one – more important than some, and less important than many. I do not depend on you, but you hold seeds that I could use, and our purposes are not in conflict. I know why you set out on this journey – to right the illness in the land, and to perhaps find answers and justice for what happened to your family and Belhaven. "
Miranis stood still for a long moment, her mind racing. Chauntea waited.
“Only until the elemental evil is defeated? And you’ll help my friends?”
Chauntea inclined her head.
Miranis looked everywhere but at the goddess. Her head ached, filled to the brim with too much magic and too many thoughts. Her eyes flicked back to Chauntea. “Who attacked Belhaven? Who killed my family?”
“You will find the answer you seek in your quest,” Chauntea replied, and stared her down.
“Fine. A deal.”
Chauntea smiled. “Welcome, my daughter,” she murmured, and reached out to lay a hand on Miranis’s forehead. Light flared, and Miranis’s heart faltered before racing faster than ever. “You will hear from me shortly,” the goddess said, and pushed her gently towards the trail. Miranis’s legs moved her without conscious thought into a suddenly silent woods that split before her eyes, streaming colors and gravity before she fell abruptly through the office window with a bruising crash to the flagstone floor.
She groaned and sat up. Her mouth was parched, her hands tingling, her head throbbing with a splitting headache. A glance around her showed that the window once again looked out on the plateau, and the office had returned to its drab and dusty mundanity.
The door burst open, and the young Aarakocra rushed inside. “Miranis?” he asked, moving quickly to help her to her feet.
“I’m fine. I’m fine, really. How long did that take?”
“A long while. And your friends – I think your friends are in trouble.”
“Petrified, I’d say,” she replied, and let him help her out into the main tower.

Kurbis Journal Underdark.5
Hurt, but healing

Underdark 4
As I lay in what one could call a mushroom house I am reminded by a phrase my father once told me, “To have a plan and to execute a plan are two very different things”. The memory makes me chuckle,
which causes several of my wounds to reopen…

It has been 3 days since the battle to free the young Prime. At its core, it was a success. I was able to dispatch the slavers and free their prisoners. The devil, however, is in the details.

First the battle. The Drow Warriors were dispatched easily enough. I was able to lure them into a passageway that was just wide enough for them to come at me one at a time. The two priestess put up a much more challenging fight. They gifted me several of the wounds now seeping blood. Luckily the Myconid were able to temporarily reanimate the fallen Drow warriors and the overwhelming odds turned the tide quickly.

The Myconid Prime (who now calls himself Stump) was secured, along with a few others. The Dwarf, Quagoth, and Kuo-Toa were also saved.

As expected the Lady dwarf wished to be on her way as quickly as possible. She introduced herself as Eldeth Feldrun but would not go into details as to where she was from or where she was headed. She only mentioned that her home was a few weeks walk away and that she would forever be in our debts. After gathering some provisions from the loot secured from the slaver camp she was gone.

The Kuo-Toa introduced himself as only as Shuushar. Aside from coming in and offering me different herbal medicines he has kept mostly to himself. He eyes me strangely and has asked me several times about my origins. He is a strange fellow.

Finally, we have my new shadow, the Quagoth Deren. He refuses to leave my room and rises with fang and claw at the ready whenever my door opens. He also refuses to make eye contact with me and completely refuses to speak.

Tomorrow Shuushar says I can begin moving around again, in fact Stump has asked for a private audience with me as soon as I can stay upright.

Kurbis Journal Underdark.4

The circle was searching for a young Myconid that had gone missing a few weeks ago, a very special Myconid. Every 514229 weeks a Myconid Sovereign Prime is born, these Primes serve as the keepers of generations of their history. They serve has historian, teacher and prophet to all Myconid people. This particular Prime had gotten itself captured by group of Drow slavers that apparently had set up camp roughly an hour away. Being restrictively passive, the circle had set out to find some help and of course ran across me. Short on nearby allies I agreed to do what I could to help.

The circle had been following the slavers for many days prior. Through the rapport spore connection, I was able to absorb all they had seen and heard as if I had done so myself. The group consisted of approximately 4-7 Drow warriors in assorted armor and weapons they appeared to take orders from the commander who went by Shoor. A pair of Drow priestesses ran the show. Ashee a lesser priestess and Ilvara the leader. The captives consisted of quite the rogue’s gallery. The young Myconid, a Kuo-toa, a female dwarf, and one of the biggest Quaggoth I had ever seen in my life.

Luckily my new friends had also thoroughly scouted the area and I quickly identified a location where I could even the odds. I would be facing unknown numbers with only Talon to defend myself with. As we arrived within striking distance ,but still comfortably out of sight, we stopped for a moment so I could get my bearings and the group could rehash the gamble that was disguising itself as a plan.

Kurbis Journal Underdark.3

Underdark Entry 3

My situation has changed…significantly. I awoke to find myself surrounded by Myconid. 12 of them to be exact, which was arguably more unsettling to me than coming awake in the middle of a “Circle”. I’ve encountered a few in my life and knew they are usually a passive people, so outside of my initial shock of waking up surrounded I knew I was relatively safe. That said, the number of them was very concerning.

Myconidi are ruled by some peculiar “rules”. One of with is their inability to travel in anything other than Fibonacci numbers. So to see this group consisted of 12 instead of 8 or 13…well I knew something was wrong.
Once they realized I wasn’t going to start killing them the Sovereign of the group (usually the oldest/largest) offered me a small fungal flower and motioned for me to inhale. This was also surprising. I was being invited into a meld with this circle. Which is exceedingly rare for other races. A meld is how the Myconid race communicates, it creates a telepathic bond, like I said…very rare. Short on friends I inhaled.

The flower contained spores that allowed me to communicate with the circle. In such instances Myconid usually do not refer to each other by name and all thoughts and knowledge is shared. In a gesture of respect, I cannot begin to describe how significant, my initial “conversation” began with me and the Sovereign only. He_ (such is not appropriate as Myconid do not have such classifications but the voice in my mind was male while others would be female (ater so I shall refer to them as such)_ explained to me that the bloom I had inhaled allowed only my thoughts directed to the group to be shared, as they did not care to give me all of their secrets and did not wish to take away all of mine. Once this was settled the rest of the group entered my the “conversation” and I learned that it was going to be a really long day….

Kurbis Journal Underdark.2
Underdark Day 1

Underdark Entry 2
Day 1 -somewhere on the shores of Whispers Lake -

How exactly the Bag of Holding Feron made became separated from me before I fell into the earth is something I am afraid will never be truly explained. Fortunately, I have a good habit of splitting supplies between traveling bags. I now sit beside a well-hidden fire in what one might call a cave watching a small pot boil a stew. After some sorting and emptying of pockets…my provisions are as follows:

-Clothing: My Red Cloak, Chainmail shirt and traveling clothes. (Were I not lost, alone, thought dead, and had no idea how to get back to my companions I would expend absurd resources to get the damned plate armor from the bottom of this lake ##$*! $!!!)

-Food: If I ration I will have roughly a week’s worth of provisions. Fresh water trickles down from all over. I hope to scavenge tubers and mushrooms to supplement. Not ideal, as I am not nearly as familiar with underdark foraging as I am on the surface…

-Weapons: I have my Kukri knife, my Mechanical Shield, and Talon. Of note, Talon is …. off down here. I had grown accustom to his mumblings while traveling, but down here he’s just off. Instead of whole thoughts I get emotions (fear, anger, humor and so on). Granted I have only been here for roughly 18 hours.

-Misc.: A bed roll, cooking pot, flint and steel, rope (Thank God), 1 invisibility potion, 3 health potions, half stack of bandages, my Journal (obviously), pack of candles, travel blanket, spare knife, one of Dregan’s throwing hammers, bottle of oil, water skins and a crowbar. So a rogue’s gallery of either very useful (more than one water skin) or very useless (A throwing hammer?!) items.

While I can’t be sure, my body is telling me it would be late evening. The fire has driven off my fear of hypothermia; and my stomach has finally settled from the fall thanks to a stew of dried sausages, a few tubers, and some dried herbs I had stored in my pack.

Now to sleep and pray that a rested mind will give me some insight into how I can escape this place.

Kurbis Journal Underdark.1
Underdark Day 1

To say I have lived a life riddled with bad luck would be unfair to those who have truly had bad fortune. That said, I do believe it is fair to say my luck can be quite streaky.

Consider this, while I have only the faintest of memories when it comes to my blood relatives, I was blessed with an adopted family that was rich in character, kindness and education. This trend has continued as one will throughout my life. Recent events are no exception.

I found myself falling for an unusual period of time and at a very inappropriate speed. Much too slow and for far too long. When I return to my friends…my family I will have to ask Tots if this was indeed the Feather Fall spell or some bastardized version of it that allowed such a thing. I fell for so long that I became comfortable with falling. So comfortable that I did not think to notice the fast approaching sea approaching below me.

It is in this lake that many of my belongings still remain. My Armor, Javelins and most of my non-essentials had to be ditched or I would have drowned, this is of no question. After hours of swimming I found myself exhausted, wet, and cold on the dark shores of Whispers Lake.

Resigning myself to not die of hypothermia I gathered some kindling and began to assess the situation…

New Lands and New Adventures
aka What the $%*^ is going on!?

I write these words with trepidation. I am neither a part of these events nor an innocent bystander. Just know that I was there. My name is unimportant but I chronicle these events for those who cannot. After the RBB (or New RBB? maybe just heroes though some will beg to differ) left Phandelver they arrived in the Dressin Valley to an elemental chaos. People were panicking and those who were “sane” were not seeming to take care of their own. The group had been lounging or resting or training for the past 6 months so when they arrived they were not entirely prepared for what was going on. Tinker Tots was away on some study and inititation into the Lord Council since she was the one who would replace the last Lord of Glass (or whatever that scum was called). And the party had lost Roland to some fools errand of the local rangers. Kurbis, Feron, and Dregan needed to continue on to deliver goods to the valley courtesy of Gundran. Upon arrival in Red Larch they chance upon another companion, Mach.

Lets take a minute to talk about Mach…and in some ways Dregan. Mach’s history is somewhat shrouded in mystery. He didn’t at the time explain a lot of his past but his sense of honor was strong and he liked to help those who couldn’t fight for themselves. Dregan on the other hand…..well Dregan is like a brother to me but the kind of brother who would drink with you then get you into a fight you were looking to avoid. I don’t know if Dregan felt threatened at first or what but he made it his mission to challenge Mach to a “duel”. Mach was more than willing to fight him and ended the fight rather quickly. Ever since the two have become drinking buddies as well as friends though now it was harder for the rest of the group to get them out of trouble.

While getting their bearings in Red Larch noticed there was things amiss with the town leadership. It was during their first night that out of no where a portal tore through reality and Tots was shoved through by your new mentor Kelban Blackstaff. Through the portal the group could see a coming fire but then it snapped shut behind her and she was left in the middle of the road. Without much to go on the group rested for the evening and decided to head over to Kurbis’s Paladin Order Hall.

I will write more as I gather my notes together and my thoughts. Things begin to get interesting in the days to come.

Happenings over the Last 6 months

What the Hell is going on….AKA 6 months of RP notes

The town has gone from backwoods crossroads to bustling gold rush town. Silar is fighting every instinct he has to get out of town and go smash something but stays as he know no one else can do his the job of town master. In the 6 months Phandelver has almost tripled in size. Nothing in the regards to significant trouble has manifested itself, thanks to Sildar’s militia, Edermath’s Rangers, and the Hero’s staying in the area.

Wave Echo Cave: The mine has served as the spark of growth in the area. Not only has Phandelver started grow into a city again, but places like the ruins of Conyberry, Cragmaw Castle and even the Cragmaw hideout have started the transformation into civilized establishments (a town, a troop garrison, and an Inn respectively). Despite Sildar and Kurbis’s warnings Gundren has taken to hire most any able bodied person that shows looking for work, without taking much effort to vet their quality of intentions. This has led to surprisingly few arrests. Within weeks the Mine was cleared of dangers and in just under 2 months the first bars of Platinum, Gold, and Silver were minted. One of each was gifted to the party.

Tresendor Manor*: Kurbis returned to Tresendor manor a few weeks after the battle with the Black Spider. The manor sat at what appeared to be an exceptionally defensible position above the city and could serve as a keep for the townspeople in a time of need, also he wanted to further investigate the spirits he had encountered months prior. Once there Kurbis immediately noted that the feeling of evil had subsided and moved to more of a grey of neither good nor evil. A spirit presented itself as the steward of the Manor. This led to subsequent visits with other members of the party and eventually Joeb (kurbis’s adoptive father) as well. During these visits the party learned much.
• The sword Talon was much more than a simple family heirloom, its history was ancient and mostly unknown. After a pass through the flames of the Forge of Spells the blade revealed itself to be matte black with silver accents and a sentient voice manifested in Kurbis’s mind.
• The Tresnedor family had once ruled a good portion of the area, the last King in that line being Bane Tresendor. Bane was a mighty warrior and the oldest of 3 sons. Just as he was about to reach his life dream of establishing true lasting democratic peace he was betrayed by his brother Alleen.
• The spirits are the adults that were murdered during Alleen’s betrayal. Their children’s spirits were either destroyed or consumed by the darkness of Alleens magics. As such the spirits are somewhat (and rightfully so) blood thirsty when it comes to any remnants of Alleens line.
• Agatha was actually Alleens wife. An arranged marriage that was to be a center peace in a treaty between Elves and the people of this area.
• Alleen was also responsible for Agatha’s part in the destruction of the Battlebrand line.
• Bane has agreed to let builders begin reconstruction of the Manor, that said, the inner most sanctums are strictly off limits to anyone but the Party and those the party has given permission to.
• Joeb found the spirits to be not quite evil, but not quite good either. During his visit Kurbis, Joeb and Feron found the great library. Believed to be the most complete and largest library in all the lands. Fearful that such knowledge could be stolen the trio request some workers to drop a wall until proper protection could be arranged. Joeb had a contingent of Paladin and Initiates assigned to protect the Library. The very devote and borderline fanatical Paladin Eyan returned and has taken up residence in some some servant quarters. The Paladins avoid other areas of the manor, the spirits avoid the Paladins. Sildar is aware of the situation. Kurbis and Eyan are not on friendly terms…
• A secret tunnel to Wave Echo Cave was discovered, but has been sealed by powerful runes.
• As the town, manor, and surrounding lands have begun to show improvement and resettlement, Bane and his people have started to gain power. They now walk freely through the town and and in Bane’s case even further. They have sworn to stay hidden and hurt no one. Descendants of Alleen could be exceptions.


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