Lost Mines of Phandelver

Happenings over the Last 6 months

What the Hell is going on….AKA 6 months of RP notes

The town has gone from backwoods crossroads to bustling gold rush town. Silar is fighting every instinct he has to get out of town and go smash something but stays as he know no one else can do his the job of town master. In the 6 months Phandelver has almost tripled in size. Nothing in the regards to significant trouble has manifested itself, thanks to Sildar’s militia, Edermath’s Rangers, and the Hero’s staying in the area.

Wave Echo Cave: The mine has served as the spark of growth in the area. Not only has Phandelver started grow into a city again, but places like the ruins of Conyberry, Cragmaw Castle and even the Cragmaw hideout have started the transformation into civilized establishments (a town, a troop garrison, and an Inn respectively). Despite Sildar and Kurbis’s warnings Gundren has taken to hire most any able bodied person that shows looking for work, without taking much effort to vet their quality of intentions. This has led to surprisingly few arrests. Within weeks the Mine was cleared of dangers and in just under 2 months the first bars of Platinum, Gold, and Silver were minted. One of each was gifted to the party.

Tresendor Manor*: Kurbis returned to Tresendor manor a few weeks after the battle with the Black Spider. The manor sat at what appeared to be an exceptionally defensible position above the city and could serve as a keep for the townspeople in a time of need, also he wanted to further investigate the spirits he had encountered months prior. Once there Kurbis immediately noted that the feeling of evil had subsided and moved to more of a grey of neither good nor evil. A spirit presented itself as the steward of the Manor. This led to subsequent visits with other members of the party and eventually Joeb (kurbis’s adoptive father) as well. During these visits the party learned much.
• The sword Talon was much more than a simple family heirloom, its history was ancient and mostly unknown. After a pass through the flames of the Forge of Spells the blade revealed itself to be matte black with silver accents and a sentient voice manifested in Kurbis’s mind.
• The Tresnedor family had once ruled a good portion of the area, the last King in that line being Bane Tresendor. Bane was a mighty warrior and the oldest of 3 sons. Just as he was about to reach his life dream of establishing true lasting democratic peace he was betrayed by his brother Alleen.
• The spirits are the adults that were murdered during Alleen’s betrayal. Their children’s spirits were either destroyed or consumed by the darkness of Alleens magics. As such the spirits are somewhat (and rightfully so) blood thirsty when it comes to any remnants of Alleens line.
• Agatha was actually Alleens wife. An arranged marriage that was to be a center peace in a treaty between Elves and the people of this area.
• Alleen was also responsible for Agatha’s part in the destruction of the Battlebrand line.
• Bane has agreed to let builders begin reconstruction of the Manor, that said, the inner most sanctums are strictly off limits to anyone but the Party and those the party has given permission to.
• Joeb found the spirits to be not quite evil, but not quite good either. During his visit Kurbis, Joeb and Feron found the great library. Believed to be the most complete and largest library in all the lands. Fearful that such knowledge could be stolen the trio request some workers to drop a wall until proper protection could be arranged. Joeb had a contingent of Paladin and Initiates assigned to protect the Library. The very devote and borderline fanatical Paladin Eyan returned and has taken up residence in some some servant quarters. The Paladins avoid other areas of the manor, the spirits avoid the Paladins. Sildar is aware of the situation. Kurbis and Eyan are not on friendly terms…
• A secret tunnel to Wave Echo Cave was discovered, but has been sealed by powerful runes.
• As the town, manor, and surrounding lands have begun to show improvement and resettlement, Bane and his people have started to gain power. They now walk freely through the town and and in Bane’s case even further. They have sworn to stay hidden and hurt no one. Descendants of Alleen could be exceptions.


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