Lost Mines of Phandelver

Kurbis Journal Underdark.1

Underdark Day 1

To say I have lived a life riddled with bad luck would be unfair to those who have truly had bad fortune. That said, I do believe it is fair to say my luck can be quite streaky.

Consider this, while I have only the faintest of memories when it comes to my blood relatives, I was blessed with an adopted family that was rich in character, kindness and education. This trend has continued as one will throughout my life. Recent events are no exception.

I found myself falling for an unusual period of time and at a very inappropriate speed. Much too slow and for far too long. When I return to my friends…my family I will have to ask Tots if this was indeed the Feather Fall spell or some bastardized version of it that allowed such a thing. I fell for so long that I became comfortable with falling. So comfortable that I did not think to notice the fast approaching sea approaching below me.

It is in this lake that many of my belongings still remain. My Armor, Javelins and most of my non-essentials had to be ditched or I would have drowned, this is of no question. After hours of swimming I found myself exhausted, wet, and cold on the dark shores of Whispers Lake.

Resigning myself to not die of hypothermia I gathered some kindling and began to assess the situation…


I assume you kept the red cloak?

Kurbis Journal Underdark.1

I’d drown before I lost it.

Kurbis Journal Underdark.1
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