Lost Mines of Phandelver

New Lands and New Adventures

aka What the $%*^ is going on!?

I write these words with trepidation. I am neither a part of these events nor an innocent bystander. Just know that I was there. My name is unimportant but I chronicle these events for those who cannot. After the RBB (or New RBB? maybe just heroes though some will beg to differ) left Phandelver they arrived in the Dressin Valley to an elemental chaos. People were panicking and those who were “sane” were not seeming to take care of their own. The group had been lounging or resting or training for the past 6 months so when they arrived they were not entirely prepared for what was going on. Tinker Tots was away on some study and inititation into the Lord Council since she was the one who would replace the last Lord of Glass (or whatever that scum was called). And the party had lost Roland to some fools errand of the local rangers. Kurbis, Feron, and Dregan needed to continue on to deliver goods to the valley courtesy of Gundran. Upon arrival in Red Larch they chance upon another companion, Mach.

Lets take a minute to talk about Mach…and in some ways Dregan. Mach’s history is somewhat shrouded in mystery. He didn’t at the time explain a lot of his past but his sense of honor was strong and he liked to help those who couldn’t fight for themselves. Dregan on the other hand…..well Dregan is like a brother to me but the kind of brother who would drink with you then get you into a fight you were looking to avoid. I don’t know if Dregan felt threatened at first or what but he made it his mission to challenge Mach to a “duel”. Mach was more than willing to fight him and ended the fight rather quickly. Ever since the two have become drinking buddies as well as friends though now it was harder for the rest of the group to get them out of trouble.

While getting their bearings in Red Larch noticed there was things amiss with the town leadership. It was during their first night that out of no where a portal tore through reality and Tots was shoved through by your new mentor Kelban Blackstaff. Through the portal the group could see a coming fire but then it snapped shut behind her and she was left in the middle of the road. Without much to go on the group rested for the evening and decided to head over to Kurbis’s Paladin Order Hall.

I will write more as I gather my notes together and my thoughts. Things begin to get interesting in the days to come.


allentbaltezore allentbaltezore

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