Mach Acru White

Touchy Runt


Born under a blood moon, Mach was initially prized by his Orc father as a sign of the Orc god, Gruumsh’s favor. The tribe, less convinced of the omen never the less tolerated the half-breed child in deference to his father, a mighty Orc warrior.

Mach knew little of his mother, only that she was a human taken during an Orc raid and disposed of shortly after his birth.

As he aged, it was apparent to all that Mach was very small for even a human, much less a half-orc. He had to fight for everything from his much larger peers and developed a blinding ferocity to help compensate for his small size. Along with it came a sensitivity to comments around his stature, earning his name which in Orcish means “Touchy Runt” As he began to best some of his larger Orc peers and the fortunes of the tribe began to falter, Mach was selected as a sacrifice to Gruumsh. Mach was 4 years old.

Mach’s father, still believing Mach to be a omen of favor, stole him away and delivered him to a human village where Mach was given to the local cleric. The cleric happened to know a local farming couple, who, despite years of trying, was never able to have children of their own – Dirk and Matty White. The White’s jumped at the chance for a child, even a half-orc and welcomed Mach into their home with warmth and love despite Mach’s initial resistance and continued temper. Over time, Mach tempered his rage and learned to use it more of a tool. His height remained a sore spot however.

Perhaps due in part to his shortness, Mach was able to make friends with some of the neighboring children and lived a largely average farmers life for the next 10 years.

When he was 14, Mach and his father left on a post harvest trip to sell their crop. When they returned a couple of weeks later they discovered the village had been razed. The few survivors reported Orcs as the culprits. Mach and Dirk found Matty dead at the family farm which too had been completely destroyed. They buried Matty on the land she loved, and, as the farm was too far gone to be rebuilt, they decided to travel to find a new life together.

Mach and Dirk spent the next several years doing odd jobs as the traveled around. Both had built significant strength while working the farm with Mach in particular gaining some small notoriety. They soon found themselves acting as guards to travelers and then taking some minor work as sell swords to help those in need.

Dirk continued to guide Mach in both the jobs taken and in keeping his temper in check. Even so, Mach often lost control and triggered situations to escalate into fighting. In one such incident, Dirk suffered a broken leg which left him with a permanent limp. Soon after, Dirk retired from adventuring and joined a monastery, which enabled him to return to his true love, farming.

Mach, ashamed of what his temper caused, stayed on the road vowing to help those in need as his parents had taught.

Mach Acru White

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