Miranis Ashtide

Wood Elf Druid


Miranis Ashtide – Miri to close friends – is a slight, tanned wood elf. At 105 pounds and around 5 feet tall, mahogany-haired with wide green eyes, she seems both non-threatening and unremarkable, but she’s skilled with a bow and has growing magical powers. She’s still young at 103 years old, but flashes of both sorrow and physical pain from scars make it clear that she’s seen more than she should have.


Born as Arri Galanodel, Miranis Ashtide was raised near a small coastal village called Belhaven in the sprawling maritime forests of Everdeep. Belhaven’s one unusual aspect was its focus as a trading point for humans and wood elves, and the amiable relationship between the two. Consequently, Arri grew up in close contact with humans, making her more assimilated and sympathetic to them than many of her more isolated elven brethren. This often makes her seem slightly off-beat to elves with more traditional upbringings and outlooks.

Around her 97th birthday, and only just reaching adulthood, Arri was present when Belhaven suffered a brutal attack by an unnamed, extremely powerful sorcerer. Most of the village was razed and the forest set aflame. Arri was knocked unconscious not long into the attack, and to this day does not know the identity of the attacker – or her rescuer. All she knows is that she woke much later, badly injured, down the coast in Broggen. There were few other survivors, and Arri was unable to locate any of her family. Although many bodies were unrecovered, no other survivors turned up over the coming weeks. Though Broggen offered aid and shelter to the Belhaven survivors, Arri left not long after the healers cleared her to travel. Devastated, she wandered for weeks before happening upon a Druidic circle, which took her in. Arri buried herself in studying the Druid way, clinging to a chance at a new future. She took the adult name of Miranis Ashtide and vowed to learn all she could, do what she could to help others, and never look back. However, she is frequently troubled by thoughts of the unknown sorcerer and his motives, and wonders if she made the right choices in moving on without answers or closure. She senses something wrong, a shift in the fabric that worries her, and she wonders if the sorcerer is one part of a larger, even more troubling story. Against her better judgement, she’s begun following tales of strange happenings in the west, leading her to travel with other Druids to investigate dangerous imbalances in the Earth.

Miranis Ashtide

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