Nadaar Kurbis

Blue/Bronze Dragonborn Paladin.


Kurbis was found alone, hungry and confused by a kind paladin named Joeb. Joeb acted as a father, friend and mentor to Kurb. Teaching him the ways and oaths of the Paladin, how to wield magics that were beginning to show themselves in Kurb, and how to wield weapons of all shapes and sizes.

Despite objections from fundamentalists in his order, Joeb allowed Kurbis to follow the religion of his choosing. Educating him as he could of the Dragon Father and allowing Kurbis to make his own decisions on how such should affect his life and decisions. Kurbis doesn’t openly share his thoughts on his religion outside of his beliefs in the “Dragon Father” or the “One God”. However, he appears to adhere to strong and true principles of right and wrong.

On his (what is believed at least) 13th birthday Joeb sat Kurbis down and shared all he had learned about Kurbis’s history in the 12 years he had raised him. Joeb had secretly searched for rumors or signs of a clan of Blue/Bronze dragonborn from which Kurbis may have originated.

Details were sparse, but Joeb had learned the a clan ,near where Kurbis has been found, had been attacked by not only demons, but other dragonborn as well. Joeb had also learned that the attackers had been searching for something or someone in-particular during the attack. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Joeb had run across rumors of other survivors of Kurbis’s clan had been spotted throughout the realm as slaves to unidentified owners.

It was also this day that Joeb gave Kurbis the items he had found on the day he rescued Kurbis.

  • A small collection of books and journals that had no really relevant information.
  • A several hundred gold
  • A book of dragonborn runes/language.
  • A medallion, finely crafted of electrum, obsidian and a unknown metal. Skillfully etched into the medallion “ThunderLords writ” and on the back a seal of a dragon belching lighting into the sky.
  • A Kukri: Etched across the blade was a similar scene of a lighting arcing across a clouded sky.

Shortly after this night Kurbis found himself with the High Paladins council, his adopted father, and his fellow Paladins in training.

The “Declaration of the First Oath” ceremony was of the highest significance. It was here that a young paladin set his task going forward, his purpose as a paladin.

When Kurbis approached the altar, he looked to his father Joeb. In just a moment the two adults understood each other. Knowing his father had accepted what Kurbis was about to say the young Dragonborn spoke the words:

“Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.”__
The oath of war.
“I will protect those who cannot protect themselves”__
The oath of honor.

These oaths were common throughout this ceremony. Most of the young paladins stopped here. Kurbis, however, did not.

In Draconic, a third oath was spoken.
“I am an avatar of Vengeance, I will become the one to balance the scales. I will exact retribution for those who have been forgotten.”__

Nadaar Kurbis

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