Rolen Siannodel

Quiet spoken instrument of vengeance


This is all that is known of the origins of Rolen Siannodel, a sad tale born of betrayal and shrouded in mystery. For many years following the great goblin war, the Elven city of Hyltalos thrived in peace under the benevolent leadership of Lord Respen Siannodel. Legendary for it’s beauty and tranquility, the city became a sanctuary for travelers, adventurers, and wanders brave and skilled enough to survive the arduous journey through forbidding wastes separating it from any human settlement.

Lord Siannodel welcomed these visitors with open arms, trading his hospitality for their tales of adventure in the chaotic world of men. His only daughter Faylen, whom he loved above all else in the world, inherited his keen interest in these matters. She spent many evenings in her father’s company, listening intently to the exploits of newly arrived strangers to the city. Much beloved by their people, Faylen was known for her beauty and grace, uncommon even among the Elven nobles.

After a time, Lord Siannodel was anguished to learn that his daughter’s heart was stolen by a human adventurer known for his cruel and intemperate disposition. On finding that she would bear this man a child, grief and rage provoked him to kill the man, exile her from the city and drive the humans out into the wastes, where many perished. His ties to the world of men were forever severed.

With the passing of years, his heart longed to see Faylen, and bitterness festered within him. He set out to find his daughter and bring her back to the city, searching for many years in the wastes and surrounding settlements. In the time following her exile, the small and defenseless human towns had been devastated by the ravages of roaming goblin hordes no longer fearing retribution at the hands of Hyltalos.

After long searching, Lord Siannodel finally found his beloved daughter in a lonely ruined settlement only a few miles from the shadow of his great city. A stone marker beneath the shade of an old oak bore the inscription “Faylen Siannodel, mother, light of my life, you will rest avenged.”

Rolen Siannodel

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