Barul "Chant" Feron

Tiefling Dragon Sorcerer (Chaotic Good)


Age: 21
Height: 6’
Weight: 200
Skin: Dark red skin. Face, tail, and small patches across his body are covered in bright red scales.
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Shaved

- Horns have been shaved to small, pointed nubs.
- He has bright red scale tattoos covering his hands. The red tattoos have a soft blue hue to them.
- He wears long robes to cover his body revealing only his face, tail and hands.
- Allows his fingernails to grow an inch long and shaved them down to points.


Barul was brought to a small, secluded Tiefling cloister in the Misty Forest after his birth. He was given to his adopted mother, Venture at birth. His parents, Venture and Craft, had their first child, a boy named Ronna, a year after Barul was adopted.

While Barul enjoyed his life as a child, things began to worsen over time. Though Barul and Ronna grew up as good friends, Barul grew increasingly frustrated over Ronna’s greatness as they aged. Ronna was faster, stronger, and in their’s father’s eyes, just better. Worse, Barul began to notice how the rest of the community always seemed unsure of him. He knew he looked different, but somehow he had always missed it before. The only thing that stayed true was his mother’s love. He knew his adopted father loved him as well, but his father always felt distant, like he couldn’t quite give all of himself to Barul like he did Ronna.

Barul began covering his body to hide his differences, but when that wasn’t enough, he started spending his days in the forest. Returning at night, Barul would talk with Ronna late into the night. One of those nights, Barul began screaming in pain. When he awoke, he was outside and the air smelled of smoke. The entire village was watching him from far away. Their house had burned down, but Craft had carried his unconscious body out of the flames. As Barul looking at himself, he discovered bright red scales. He passed out again.

It was only later that Ronna told Barul that he had set the fire. Ronna had run away scared, but when he told their father, Craft ran into the house to save Barul.

Barul was afraid the village would reject him even more because of his scales, and for a time they did. Until Barul proved he could help his village. He was able to use his new found skills to light fires, to provide ice for storing food. For the first time in a long time, Barul felt helpful. Barul even finally received his second name, “Chant”, much to his joy. As he aged, Barul Chant felt the need to do more. When the time came, he finally told his parents he wanted to venture into the world, he wanted to do good.

Though Venture fought against it, she finally had to relent. Chant had to become his own man. But before he left, Venture had to tell Chant things she had hoped to keep secret. She told him to avoid the bright red Dragonborn, for they would kill him if they had the chance. She told Chant that her mother had died to these Dragonborn, and they they would kill a Tiefling if they saw him—especially one with dragon scales. However, she would not give Chant a name, for fear that he would attempt to hunt them down.

With his mother’s warning, Chant left the village.

Chant’s experience in the world did not go as he planned. He had wanted to do good, instead he was maligned as a half-Fiend. No matter what good he tried to do, no one would accept him. Chant decided that he couldn’t do good as a Tiefling yet. He would need more power, need to be able to do good on a bigger scale before people would accept him for what he was. In the mean time, he had to be different. And the only thing he could pass as was a Dragonborn. Most people never really knew what they looked like anyway.

Feron was born.

Barul "Chant" Feron

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