Lost Mines of Phandelver

On the subjects of Spiders, Caves and Debts....3

Having dealt with the Spector we made our way back to Mormesk. A brief and uneventful conversation ensued where he laid out the paths we could take to the area where the Black Spider had set up a camp.
We decided upon a route and set off once again.

After working our way through a (for me at least) rather small tunnel we found ourselves standing on the ledge of a natural cavern. The sounds of labor echoed as 3 rather unsavory bugbears, who were being supervised by a Drow we had not seen before in our trails.

Having both the advantage of surprise and the high ground it was decided I would engage the Bugbears while the others focused on the Drow, being he was the only wildcard. I slide down the wall with a surprising level of stealth and waited for the others to unleash their magics.

All went mostly according to plan. I grabbed the attention of the bugbears, Dregan incapacitated one of them, Wren entangled the other in a mass of webbing, and Feron blasted bolts of liquid fire across the room towards the Drow overseer.

The 2 bugbears quickly broke free of the webbing and split off; one towards myself and one towards the rest of the party. I was caught unawares and the bugbear struck me with an impressive cut, tearing through my mail shirt and into my flesh. I was now locked in combat with both of the beasts. The other bugbear began to ascend the cave wall to attack the party above. The drow also sprang into action, rushing down the cave wall and moving to attack me as well.

I’m not sure how to describe the sequence of events that lead to our victory. With the casters assistance the enemies on my level where dispatched. The bugbear that was attempting to act the party on the cliff inspired an unexpected chain of events.

Having the obvious advantage of high ground the Dregan, Feron and Wren had no desire to allow the beast to engage them in hand to hand combat. First as the bugbear began to climb our rope Dregan and Feron simple cut the rope and let the beast fall to the ground. This enraged him and in a feat of pure athletics the monster leapt the distance and landed directly behind the group.

I am fond of my party. These past few months I have grown to think of them as family…as such I feel it is fair for me to say that I believed that none of my friends on that cliff ledge are equipped or of the ability to handle a creature as relevant as a bugbear in hand to hand combat. On this assumption I was grossly incorrect.

Dregan Battlebrand is not on to perform tales that focus on his own exploits, the battle that ensued between him and the bugbear is such a tail where he should make an exception. As the beast landed Dregan roared in challenge causing the beast to charge him with a howl. Using some grappling skills that I did not know he had Dregan performed what might be called a Judo throw. Using the bugbears momentum and weight Dregan tossed the beast over the cliff. In this same motion, Dregan latched onto the beast and followed him to the floor, adding his weight to the impact. As he struck the floor the beast screeched in agony. The bugbear sprang to his feet, spinning on Dregan. Cool as the north wind Dregan twisted his legs around the legs of the bugbear and brought the beast to the ground again and again the beast roared in anger. Dregan pushed off with his hands and landed in a upright position, moving like flowing water my dwarf friend spun on one foot and smashed his elbow into the chest of the beast… stopping its heart instantly. We all stood in silence and awe for more moments than any of us would likely admit.

With the bugbears and their drow overseer handled we went about inspecting the cave area. Dregan followed a collapsed tunnel and found the remains of a fallen dwarven warrior. There he collected what appears to be an ancient crown and a pair of gauntlets that bestow the wear with greatly increased strength. After the quick inspection we moved on to our showdown with the Black Spider.

We found the Black Spider leisurely inspecting the remnants of a dwarven temple. With him a pair of bugbears growled and sneered as we entered the room. I found the Black Spider to be unnervingly pleasant in the conversation that followed. We offered him the chance to surrender, which amused him greatly and as a villain will do, he offered us the chance to join him, which of course we refused. The exchange over the final battle began.

Wren and Feron let loose, the heat and cold from their spells flashing off my armor as projectiles raced across the room. Dregan captured the mind of one of bugbears, setting it against its companion. The Black Spider also sprang into action, with a clap he summoned his name sake, 4 giant spiders descended all around us. We were outnumbered and surrounded.

Immediately the spiders sprayed us all with webbing, but none of so much as Feron. He was cover so that I could not even see him from just 30 feet away. I suspect the wounds he inflicted on the black spider moments earlier had caught the attention of the beasts, but such is only assumption. The battle hung on a razors edge for what seemed an eternity. The Black Spider began a hit and run strategy, bouncing in and out of an invisible state, wren sent all she had in magics towards out enemies, Dregan fought with pride and valor despite significant wounds, and Feron again and again found himself entangled by the webs of the giant spiders.

The numbers and strength of our enemies began to turn the tide of battle against us. I could feel the wound from the bugbear earlier tearing open with every move. Dregan was down to his last moments of consciousness when he moved to heal me, I stopped him and told him to take care of himself first. Our enemies seeing his ability to restore strength quickly turned their attention to him and took him down. I was able to take down one or two more before I found myself also laying helpless and bleeding out on the ground, same with Feron who had resorted to asking Wren to burn off the webs with him. I lay on my back and watched one of the finest duels of wizardry I have seen or heard of.

Outnumbered and running low on magic reserves Wren Strifelaughter stepped betwixt the bodies of her injured comrades and faced evil all alone.

Utilizing the staff of Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek and her sheer will Wren deflected and counter attacked the Black Spider. Bolts of Fire and Ice along with darts of liquid energy streaked across the room, bouncing off of shields and deflected by enchanted armors. Each spell cast was met with an opposing incantation. I know not how long this battle lasted. I drifted out of conciseness during, but when I awoke the room was silent and the Black Spider had fallen. I looked to my friend Wren, who weeks ago seemed so small, now appeared as a master of magics, a worthy member of the Lords Alliance.

On the subjects of Spiders, Caves and Debts....2
part 2

I cannot speak as to how many hours passed inside that dark dank storeroom. If not for the ever so persistent “BOOM” from the back of Wave Echo Cave I feel as if one could simply forget time existed in such a place and through some dark portal, vanish from this world altogether.
Even so we managed to recover our strength and venture forth to finish what had been started month ago.

We kept to our North East West plan. Reaching the source of the constant “boom”. A large cavern with a as yet explained tidal push crashed against a rock wall. This cavern also marked the furthest north our current path would take us. Keeping with our, again completely unscientific, method we took a Eastern hallway. It was here we encountered the Spirit Mormesk.

I believe Mormesk exists on this plane out of sheer ego. Not ghost nor specter nor liche, he simply remains. He first berated us for existing in his presence, then threatened to end our lives for destroying his “brother” the flame skull that almost cost us our lives, and then…incredulously he requested we remove a Spector from a nearby chamber. Inside of these conversations we learned that Mormesk had been a powerful wizard, helping to operate the mine centuries ago and that Mormesk had two brothers, one of which had become the flame skull. Other items of interest were his affinity for books, a surprising willingness to share his knowledge and most importantly the location of the Black Spider’s basecamp.. His patience did reach an end as he sent us off to deal with the Spector or die in the process.

The Spector turned out to be the guardian of the Forge of Spells. At the height of the mine’s operation the Forge was used to create exceptionally powerful magical weapons, weapons that shaped the very history of this land. Wren quickly formulated a plan. I would slip into the room and after the rest of the party had taken the attention of the beast, I would charge in and strike. My blade swung true and mortally wounded the creature. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough and the beast unleashed a brief and ineffective counterattack. Feron ended the creature mercifully with arcane fire.

We bathed our armor and weapons in the arcane flame still flickering in the Forge and made our way to the Temple where The Black Spider had set up camp.

On the subjects of Spiders, Caves and Debts....
Part 1

From the Journal of Kurbis Nadaar.

To say the excursion into Wave Echo Cave, the trials therein, and the showdown with the creature known only as The Black Spider was eventful would be an understatement.

After rescuing Gundren our party was quick to resupply and set off for the mine. Time was of the essence as we knew not what had happened to Gundren’s brothers who had been at the hands of the Spider.

Irony is a cruel mistress, hundreds of lives have gone to waste…even lost in searching for the Wave Echo Cave. All the while, it sat just a few miles outside of town, hidden by a dense grove in the forest. A cruel mistress indeed.

Upon arriving to the entrance we were saddened to find the body of one of Gundren’s brothers. Kill from a lack of cooperation, or simply for sport, we have yet to find out. The sight however was just another enforcement to our purpose. Retribution must be enacted against the Spider and his minions.
We left the Gundren at the entrance to grieve and bury his brother, tho he is of fierce soul the work that was to be done inside the cave was beyond his martial skills.

As Dregan was quick to point out, the entrance levels to the mine still illustrated the craftsmanship of dwarven miners. The battle centuries ago had left scars no doubt, but the structure of the mine had stood the test of time easily. We were speaking on this when our first intersection presented itself.

Feron and I took to the short hall to investigate. His door presented what appeared to be the pay master’s office. . A chest rewarded us with gold silver and copper as one might find in the coffers of such an office. My door however yielded ….less than desirable results. Nine Skeletons rose and began to shamble towards me. Simultaneously A large group of Stirges descended upon Dregan and Wren. Despite being outnumbered (as a group) roughly 1 to 5 the creatures were slow or fairly weak or both. I managed to use the doorway as a bottleneck so I would only face 2 undead at a time. The rest of the party focused on the mass of blood suckers swirling around them. Quickly dispatching them with magical incantations. Once free of the bat like creatures the group came to my aid and burned down the undead as well. If such was to be the norm in the cave, we had quite the challenge ahead of us.

We gathered ourselves and moved the coin chest to a safe location and continued east. It was not far till we reached a grove of fungi and cave plants. Not knowing what effects these plants may have on us, we doubled back and took the north passage.

The cave constantly presented options in destination. We decided that the best course of action would be to move north as much as possible. If the way north was blocked, then east. If neither, we would go west. While not a plan based upon a scientific method, it got us in and out of the cave alive. The constant and rhythmic “BOOOOM” that originated from the north also had peaked out curiosity, so that certainly had an effect on our decision making processes

We faced Ghouls and Zombies along the way. Beasts long dead and cursed by dark magics. I hope by destroying their physical forms the spirits that may be trapped inside could move on to the next plane of existence. Of note, during these fights Wren occasionally had exceptional bursts of power. Her wielding of the arcane is proficient to be sure, but on one instance in particular it appeared that the force of her spell was such that it even caused her physical harm. It was when we faced the Flame Skull…

We had found a room where we could use as a safe harbor, marking it on my map. Anxious to press forward we continued down a long hall to the north. Shortly we found ourselves in what appeared to be the main smelting chamber. The equipment (still in remarkable shape, another comment from Dregan ((MID BATTLE NO LESS)) noted more fine craftsmanship) had stood the test of time, unfortunately so had the bodies of many of the fallen, Zombies rose as we entered the room. On the far side of the chamber a skull surrounded in green flame with red eyes of malice rose from the ground as well. As soon as it noticed us it attacked. Sending beams of fire from its eyes.

The group acted quickly, with blade, hammer, and magic. The Flameskull, however, was sending such devastation towards us with its abilities we were finding ourselves overwhelmed. Two instances of note during this encounter. As the zombies surrounded us I noted Wren distracted in her spell casting for just an instant, as if something was speaking to her silently. As she released the spell an explosion vaporized many of the foes. After this we thought we would have had the upper hand, this was not the case. The Skull had sent high level abilities against us, Fireballs and Spheres of pure flame. Most of the party collapsing from injury and exhaustion. Just before the darkness closed in upon us I saw Dregan whispering to himself, as if in negotiation with some unseen, unheard voice. A flash of light erupted from his hand, the usually hidden dwarven mark pulsing with energy. My wounds healed instantly, so fast in fact I could feel a broken rib painfully knit itself back together. The Flameskull emitted a hellish howl as it’s flames were somehow ripped from away, washed away in the energy storm, Then silence.
Dregan lay on the ground still, looking drained of life, but alive.

We took measure of ourselves and realized we had to recuperate on all levels. With the eerie silence following us, we made our way back to the room we had discovered earlier, barred the doors with and quickly fell into rest.

The Fall of Cragmaw Castle.
Webs, PewPew, The girl who got away.

The morning after the druid Reidoth left Kurbis, Feron and Dregan awoke to the friendly face of their comrade Wren Strifelaughter. Rolen was still missing and the Monk still recovering, despite this the group set off for Cragmaw castle and the rescue of Gundren RockSeeker.

Approaching in the cover of night Wren used her arcane abilities to scout the castle and locate an entrance to the fortress away from the prying eyes of the goblin horde. Despite Kurbis’s distinct lack of ability to move in a stealthy fashion the group was able to not only infiltrate the fortress but also further scout utilizing Wren’s. During this scouting the group located a route to where Dregan was being held.

The group worked further into the castle and prepared themselves for their confrontation with King Grol, his direwolf and what appeared to be an agent of the Black Spider.

Quickly formulating a plan the group sprang into action. False walls were created to stall possible re-reinforcement and enchantments were applied. Wren pushed open the door and showered the fiends with an arcane webbing. Dregan, flexing his magical might, formed a crown of madness around the mind of the Dire Wolf and forcing the mighty beast to attack its master. Feron began to open the floodgates of arcane power and unleashed a salvo of fire blasts. Three red balls of flame forming above him before streaking across the room impacting the bugbear king. Kurbis, anxious to take down the beast that had cause so much hardship to his comrades charged blindly into the fray, forgetting the arcane webbing and thoroughly trapping himself in Wrens bindings.

Seeing Kurbis’s folly the 3 remaining unleashed their full might. The Drow woman attack Wren with a elbow strike, crashing one of her arcane wards. Wren countered with arcane blasts. Dregan forced the Wolf to attack its master again and assaulted the mind of the Bugbear King. Grol burst free of the webbing and began to bring his mighty war club down on the helpless Kurbis. Feron acted quickly and with unhindered aggression. Reaching into the depths of his arcane reserves he again summoned 3 spheres of white hot flame. Then, with power known only to those of sorcerous bloodlines twined the spell…where there were 3 now 6 orbs of flame formed, each crackling with deadly intent.

With an unearthly howl Feron unleashed his salvo, catching Grol mid-swing and staggering him backwards. 3 orbs remained. The foul man beast spat blood from his maw and screamed curses of death and torture. Unabated, Feron fired a two more of the orbs, focusing his mind for accuracy and speed. The orbs moved faster than any eye could see striking Grol center mass and punching through his chest as an arrow would pierce an apple. Dead the once feared king staggered forward and fell upon Kurbis, taking him to the ground with him.

With no targets of opportunity near Dregan released the dire-wolf from his control and turned to the Drow who was preparing for another attack towards Wren. The bard’s words sliced through the mind of the drow with surgical precision, pulling up primal fears from the deepest corners of her mind. Overcome by fear the drow quickly retreated through a hidden passage, weeping and shivering in complete terror.

Freed the Dire Wolf lunged for Wren, attacking with claw and tooth. Able to focus their attacks now the hero’s quickly dispatched the beast in as merciful a manner as possible. Finally free of the arcane webbing Kurbis reached his clawed hands into the smoking cavity of the fallen Grol and ripped his corpse in two with a primal scream, flinging blood and viscera, as he leapt to his feet, only to find his comrades had eliminated the threats with mathematical precision.

While the immediate battle was over, battle was not silent. The hero’s knew a pair of hobgoblin warriors stood just steps away. Fortunately the illusion of a stone wall worked perfectly and forced the pair of creatures to spend precious time navigating the castle to investigate the disturbance.

Gundren was alive, barely. His keepers had not been kind, but the value of his knowledge kept him relatively safe from harm. The group quickly searched the room and located some coin and most importantly the map to Wave Echo Cave. Kurbis was lost in a blood frenzy, pacing the room his judgement clouded by his urges for retribution on the goblin horde just rooms away. Luckily the voices of reason that accompanied him calmed his anger. Gundren was the objective, he must be kept safe.

A quick plan was formulated, Wren had found a room with an exceptionally angry Owlbear. Using their magic’s the group would release this beast and lead it into the castle proper. During the ensuing chaos they would sneak back out with Gundren.

As they began to get into position the Hobgoblin guards appeared around the corner. Kurbis, radiating anger, covered in gore, pointed his ornate naginata towards them. “I have executed your King, Join me or die I care not”. The Hobgoblins stopped dead in their tracks, while sharing some similarities with their lesser kin these trained warriors were not so easily convinced to change leaders. The lead creature ordered his subordinate off to gather help and stood at ready, barring the way out…or so he thought.

Kurbis, quickly assessing the situation, attacked immediately. Attacking with “Rising Flower” spinning the blade upwards and following the spin with the armored butt of the weapon. The Hobgoblin deflected the first blow with this shield, only to catch the end of the staff with his jaw. He staggered slightly as the air rippled around him and arcane frost instantly froze any liquid in his body. His corpse making the same “clink” sound as an icicle falling to a stone.

Feron took off after the Hobgoblin searching for help, with the flick of his finger he put the enemy into deep sleep. So deep the hobgoblin crashed the floor and fractured his nose.

Time was running out. With Kurbis covering their escape the hero’s quickly made their way towards the side entrance to escape into the darkness and cover of night. Feron and Dregan covered Gundren’s escape. As they ran Wren stopped suddenly and gave Kurbis a devious grin…”we aren’t done yet” she whispered. Wren reached out with a magical hand and unbarred the door to the Owlbear. The beast howling with approval of its new found freedom. Kurbis could only hear what was going on, but the site of his tiny gnome friend running full speed around the corner told him all he needed to know. Without asking he quickly scooped her up and charged out of the castle and into the night, the sounds of battle following them as they setup a safe place to wait out the night.

The trip back to Phandelver was uneventful and in a couple days the group found themselves back at the Inn. The town was slowly rebuilding and the signs of a competent Town Master in charge were starting show. Rolen and the monk had returned and found themselves in good health and after a night or two of rest Gundren was also appearing to be his old self once more.

Over dinner the group, Sildar and Gundren discussed the next best course of action. For saving him and the mine itself Gundren offered the group a minority stake in the mine, an offer they graciously accepted. The Black Spider had moved into Wave Echo Cave and taken both of Gundren’s brothers with him as guides/experts. This enemy had proven to be a significant threat to the area and would need to be eliminated before the town and the mine itself could truly be safe. The path was set.

How We Scammed a Dragon
As told by Dregan Battlebrand himself at the Stonehill Inn


The tale awaits…

Agatha's Song by Dregan Battlebrand
As told by Dregan Battlebrand himself at the Stonehill Inn

Dregan begins excitedly, “I tumbled into the hut just as the doors were about to close. As the entrance sealed off, I witnessed the darkest night I’ve ever seen…one ye’d imagine a human or some weak-eyed surface dweller’d witness on a cloudy night with a new moon. The blackest of black surrounded me and it felt as if I were floating. I held my hand right in front of my face and couldn’t e’en see it. Had I not been able to feel me warm breath on me palm, I’d of been convinced I’d nae moved it at all.”

“Suddenly, voices began to whisper things beyond what even I, one of the most well-traveled dwarves ye’ll ever know, could understand! I was able to pick out a name ’er two. Me own and those of dwarves long gone. Names as old as the rocks themselves.”

“I bravely called out to m’lady Agatha cause I knew this had ter be some of her tricks. Based on me first visit with’er, I figured she’d not take a likin’ to me showin’ up ‘gin. I’m sure she kin scare orcs, goblins, and e’en humans, but not a dwarf. And definitely not a Battlebrand!”

“She went on talkin’ ‘bout dust and tried to talk me into just giving up me life for nothin’. I told her I’d ‘ave nothin’ of it. Instead, I brought her a gift like none other. Course she was interested right away! Her ghostly elven ears perked right up. I told her she’d get a performance from yours truly.” Dregan smiles and gives an elegant bow to those gathered around him.

“I can now say I’ve seen a banshee smile and I was the one ter do it! I nonchalantly swung my drum from around my back and began to sing to her”

Dregan closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath. The memory of the hut fills his thoughts, and a serious look comes across his face. He swallows, opens his eyes, and smiles as he begins to sing…

Your beauty is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June.
Your beauty is like the melody
That’s sweetly played in tune.

As fair art thou, my Agatha,
So deep ensnared am I,
By a simple gaze upon thy face,
Till all the seas gang dry.

Till all the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt with the sun
And I will sing of you to e’ry ear,
While the sands o’ life shall run.

And fare thee well, my fair banshee,
And fare thee well a while!
And I will come again, my Agatha,
Thou’ t’were ten thousand mile.

Dregan slowly sings the last phrase and gazes out over his captive audience.

“Course what lady could say somethin’ like ‘at idn’t a gift like none other! Not only a song just for her, but a performance like ne’er before. I ‘ad her in tears after me first verse!”

Dregan smiled to the crowd around him. “And ‘at’s how I got a banshee ter cry and live to tell about it. After I sang my song, I just walked out. I di’nt need nothin’ from her, just wanted the challenge!"

Journal of Kurbis, Dragonborn Paladin (Two Places at Once)
A letter to Job


After a night of rest and good food I sat in my room at the end and began weighing options on what I think the next moves for my group and ultimately this town may be. I’ve come to several conclusions, several of which will require more help then my and my comrades are able to provide.

Phandelver finds it self at a tipping point. Granted the town has some breathing room thanks to the dispatching of the RBB, but other outside threats could push the town back onto the road of ruin.

We have helped establish what appears to be good leadership and through our actions those that once were content to sit on the wayside have moved to more prominent roles. This should help maintain the towns emotional stability for the time being.

The structural stability is a whole different conversation. The town has next to no physical defenses, very few train militia, and a distinct lack of manpower to compensate. I have hopes to convert the abandon Headquarters of the RBB into a town keep, but considering some version of Shadow Murder Spirits dwell there I would not put my hopes in such. I will speak with Sildar about sending request for craftsmen and military support to the surrounding towns, but considering the value many believe this town lacks…well again I put little hope in response.

In short, Father this town needs your help and the help of our order. You know good folk, some who may be looking for a fresh start or good honest work. You also have connections with Paladins and their retinues, people whom you trust and perhaps would relish the chance to help this town.

In a few days I will present my plans to my group, for the town to really have a chance we must clear the surrounding area’s of threats. Also, we must continue to search for Gundren Rockseeker. I hope to make a sweep of the area and tackle all of these issues in one fell swoop.

I await your response.

Kurbis Nadaar.

Journal of Kurbis, Dragonborn Paladin (The End of the RBB)
So much has happened...

Letter to Job


I’m not sure how to even begin. There has been vengeance, death, dishonor, and salvation in the past week.

The Red Band Brigade (RBB) has…well was…I’l get to the was… has been like a leech on this on the throat of this good town. Taking wealth, property and lives from innocents. As a group we decided we could not stand for such and took action.

After speaking with several of the townspeople we learned that honor was among them, but time and despair had worn their spirits into acceptance and pacifism. Such beyond my comprehension. We even spoke to a local merchant in hope of support, she refused even telling me that her profits were more important than the lives of her neighbors.

Unfortunately our investigation and subsequent conversations lead to an attempt to intimidate the town by the RBB. This attempt resulted in the burning of a home, while the home owner, a woman, was inside. Her death would not be in vain.

I continue to work to control my rage, but this day…I let it run free. We approached a run down tavern where the RBB was known to frequent. I had but one question…if they were responsible. Once confirmed we cut them to shreds.

Our actions set in motion a unification of Phandalin. Retired heroes banded together with Sildar at the helm as the temporary town master and Daran Edermath a retired member of the Order of the Gauntlet leading both his rangers and the rag-tag milita. Once gathered we constructed a plan, when the RBB attacked my group would sneak out and use a hidden entrance to move into the RBB headquarters, a dilapidated structure called Tresendor Manor and “cut the head off the snake”.

Night fell and the plan went into motion. Using the hidden entrance we were able to move into the heart of the manor. Upon entering we encountered the most vile of creatures, a nothic Tinkertots tells me it is called. At first, being it had not attacked, I tried to reason with it. Sadly, the creature spoke to my comrades in ways most personal and its intentions proved most violent. Through teamwork and the trusty shield you gifted me when I left we bested the monster.

Once patched up from our injuries we began searching for Glass-staff, the leader of the RBB. Bahamut smiled upon as Dregan used his knowledge to find not on but, two hidden passageways, which allowed us to surprise the wizard and subdue him quickly.

We returned to town to see the towns people had subdued repelled the RBB attack with minimal losses. Glassstaff was presented to Sildar, who identified him as his missing friend, Iarno Albrek. We also learned that a greater threat known as the Black Spider is behind both the disappearance of Gundren, but also the RBB attacks.

The town is now rebuilding. I will send you another message soon to explain my plans, not only to you but for my own benefit. Several threats to this area remain and I have notions to cause trouble for those with evil intent.

“Let there be light”

Kurbis Nadaar

The Story thus Far
Or how we beatup an old man

The adventurers began on what seemed a short trip to Phandelver from Neverwinter in the employ of Gundren Rockseeker. They set out to deliver some goods to the frontier town of Phandelver. Phandelver was a place of great wealth in the far past and was considered to be a powerful city at one time before Orcs and Dragons had destroyed it. There were many rumors and legends surrounding its wealth but no factual evidence had been produced. On the road the adventurers encountered the remains of Gundren and his friend Sildar’s horses. Upon investigation they were ambushed by Goblins. This resulted in them tracking the bandits back to a cave where they confronted Klarg and discovered Sildar imprisoned. Rescuing Sildar and defeating Klarg allowed the group to arrive at Phandelver but with many questions as the town seemed to be overrun by bandit “peace keepers” and no sign of Gundren.

While searching for Gundren’s whereabouts the party also looked for the source of the RBB (Red Band Bandits) and their illusive leader Glasstaff. Making new friends and inspiring the townsfolk they united to fight against the tyranny of Glasstaff and his band of thugs. While the town elders held off the main force, with the help of some of the villagers, the party snuck through a secret tunnel and discovered a nothic guarding the entrance. The beast engaged in some mind games but was struck down by the party. While looking through the desecrated living space of the Nothic they discovered a relic from another time Talon the heirloom of the Tressendar Family. The group confronted Glasstaff only to discover that he was the former friend of Sildar Hallwinter and one time leader of the Lord’s Alliance: Irano Albrek. They subdued him quickly and found out that all of the RBB has dissappeared and the town celebrated. Questioning Albrek revealed that he was just a mere pawn in a much larger game played by one person: The Black Spider. Who is this person. Is it a man? Is it a beast? Or is it something far more sinister with designs to see the whole region once again reduced to rubble…….

Journal of Kurbis, Dragonborn Paladin (The Triboar Trail)
Goblins, Traps, I can not turn away from Vengeance.

Nadaar Kurbis* writes in his journal and often to his father.*

Letter to Job:

Father the journey is indeed perilous.

I am currently writing you from the Stonehill Inn. While somewhat sore I am mostly unhurt. Which in itself is enough for even the most staunch Atheist to reconsider their stance on the subject of religion.

Shortly after we turned on the Triboar Trail we discovered the horses of both Lord Rockseeker and his riding companion Sildar. They had set out before us and we were to meet them in Phandelver. Fearing the worst we inspected the dead horses only to be set upon by a band or goblins! They were using the corpses of the animals as bait to attack travelers. We dispatched them as quickly as possible, Wren displaying some exceptional ability in her arcane arts and taking a few nasty injuries in the process. I could not help but be inspired by such a tiny person showing such bravery. I used my divine powers to heal her, yes yes I know you told me not to waste such a gift, but she had earned the right to be free of pain for the rest of this day.

We collected the goblins, destroyed their bodies and searched the area for any clues we might be able to gather from the area. I believe it was Rollen…or perhaps Wren who noticed the tracks leading to a hidden path in the forest. It was quickly decided we must follow and attempt to rescue our comrades from whatever fate awaited them.

Father I have considered myself comfortable in the forest, but took a serious injury via one of the many traps out enemy had left in wait for us. This accompanied with the anger of knowing our friends had been attacked was sending me into a rage. Thankfully the others kept cooler heads and we made our way to a goblin lair hidden in a cave.

Once there Rollen used his skills in Stealth to dispatch one of the lookouts. The other had surrendered but, (I am ashamed to say) was beaten and killed after interrogation by my own hand. Knowing that friends had been harmed by this gang of creatures clouded my judgement. Some of the party felt this was without issue, others felt I had murdered an defenseless creature. All I can reconcile about the event is this. If the creature had the chance, he would have killed us all, such things can not be allowed to exist. The goblin did give us some information. He mentioned a Castle by the name of Cragmaw, and two villians a King Groll of Cragmaw and someone/thing called the Black Spider.

We made our way into the goblin lair and with some arcane abilities Ferron managed to knock out their watch dogs. The tiefling is quite fond of animals of all kinds so we agreed to bind them and be on about our way. Rollen managed to work up a waste disposal …hole and found our true enemy Klarg, turns out he was in fact a bugbear.

Shortly there after we came upon a higher ranking Goblin named Yemick. He was prepared for us and had Lord Sildar with a knife to his throat. Despite every fiber of my being urging me to strike him down, we managed to parlay with the creature and rescue Sildar. Yemick retreated and has yet to be seen again.

Lord Sildar had no recollection of where Grunden had been taken, but he agreed we must put an end to Klarg’s terror. I handed Sildar my walking stick and we made out way through the cave.

Several minor engagements took place as we traversed the cave. Rollen and Dregan displaying great skill in the art of stealth dispatching guards as we worked our way through the cavern.

In short order we made out way to a great hall…perhaps a cistern system the goblins had created. Dregan was most unimpressed and warned that such a contraption was quite dangerous.

We used illusions and dancing lights to lure out the goblins that accompanied Klarg and his great houndbeast “Precious”, cutting them down in short order.

The ruckus caused Klarg and his beast to attack just as the second goblin fell. While I am skilled in combat I have never faced such a beast. Both I and Silar were incapacitated in short order, luckly we tied up the monster enough to allow my comrades to dispatch the creatures and mend both my and Silar’s wounds. We searched the villans lair of both reward and further clues. We found some minor rewards but nothing more than we had pulled out of the goblin guard from earlier.

Determined to recoup some losses both in honor and coin we took what appeared to be stolen goods back to the wagon on the trail and made our way to Phandelver.

Sildar has been very gracious and rented out pretty much the entire inn for our party. A cold quart of ale and warm meal will mend the last of my wounds and I believe Dregan will try and entertain tonight. This town could surely use it. The weight of the air is strange here. Its oppressive and the people never seem to hold their heads high. I have the feeling finding our friend Rockseeker will be just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to challenges we are about to face.

“Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.”

Your Son,

Nadaar Kurbis


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