Lost Mines of Phandelver

How We Scammed a Dragon
As told by Dregan Battlebrand himself at the Stonehill Inn


The tale awaits…

Agatha's Song by Dregan Battlebrand
As told by Dregan Battlebrand himself at the Stonehill Inn

Dregan begins excitedly, “I tumbled into the hut just as the doors were about to close. As the entrance sealed off, I witnessed the darkest night I’ve ever seen…one ye’d imagine a human or some weak-eyed surface dweller’d witness on a cloudy night with a new moon. The blackest of black surrounded me and it felt as if I were floating. I held my hand right in front of my face and couldn’t e’en see it. Had I not been able to feel me warm breath on me palm, I’d of been convinced I’d nae moved it at all.”

“Suddenly, voices began to whisper things beyond what even I, one of the most well-traveled dwarves ye’ll ever know, could understand! I was able to pick out a name ’er two. Me own and those of dwarves long gone. Names as old as the rocks themselves.”

“I bravely called out to m’lady Agatha cause I knew this had ter be some of her tricks. Based on me first visit with’er, I figured she’d not take a likin’ to me showin’ up ‘gin. I’m sure she kin scare orcs, goblins, and e’en humans, but not a dwarf. And definitely not a Battlebrand!”

“She went on talkin’ ‘bout dust and tried to talk me into just giving up me life for nothin’. I told her I’d ‘ave nothin’ of it. Instead, I brought her a gift like none other. Course she was interested right away! Her ghostly elven ears perked right up. I told her she’d get a performance from yours truly.” Dregan smiles and gives an elegant bow to those gathered around him.

“I can now say I’ve seen a banshee smile and I was the one ter do it! I nonchalantly swung my drum from around my back and began to sing to her”

Dregan closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath. The memory of the hut fills his thoughts, and a serious look comes across his face. He swallows, opens his eyes, and smiles as he begins to sing…

Your beauty is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June.
Your beauty is like the melody
That’s sweetly played in tune.

As fair art thou, my Agatha,
So deep ensnared am I,
By a simple gaze upon thy face,
Till all the seas gang dry.

Till all the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt with the sun
And I will sing of you to e’ry ear,
While the sands o’ life shall run.

And fare thee well, my fair banshee,
And fare thee well a while!
And I will come again, my Agatha,
Thou’ t’were ten thousand mile.

Dregan slowly sings the last phrase and gazes out over his captive audience.

“Course what lady could say somethin’ like ‘at idn’t a gift like none other! Not only a song just for her, but a performance like ne’er before. I ‘ad her in tears after me first verse!”

Dregan smiled to the crowd around him. “And ‘at’s how I got a banshee ter cry and live to tell about it. After I sang my song, I just walked out. I di’nt need nothin’ from her, just wanted the challenge!"

Journal of Kurbis, Dragonborn Paladin (Two Places at Once)
A letter to Job


After a night of rest and good food I sat in my room at the end and began weighing options on what I think the next moves for my group and ultimately this town may be. I’ve come to several conclusions, several of which will require more help then my and my comrades are able to provide.

Phandelver finds it self at a tipping point. Granted the town has some breathing room thanks to the dispatching of the RBB, but other outside threats could push the town back onto the road of ruin.

We have helped establish what appears to be good leadership and through our actions those that once were content to sit on the wayside have moved to more prominent roles. This should help maintain the towns emotional stability for the time being.

The structural stability is a whole different conversation. The town has next to no physical defenses, very few train militia, and a distinct lack of manpower to compensate. I have hopes to convert the abandon Headquarters of the RBB into a town keep, but considering some version of Shadow Murder Spirits dwell there I would not put my hopes in such. I will speak with Sildar about sending request for craftsmen and military support to the surrounding towns, but considering the value many believe this town lacks…well again I put little hope in response.

In short, Father this town needs your help and the help of our order. You know good folk, some who may be looking for a fresh start or good honest work. You also have connections with Paladins and their retinues, people whom you trust and perhaps would relish the chance to help this town.

In a few days I will present my plans to my group, for the town to really have a chance we must clear the surrounding area’s of threats. Also, we must continue to search for Gundren Rockseeker. I hope to make a sweep of the area and tackle all of these issues in one fell swoop.

I await your response.

Kurbis Nadaar.

Journal of Kurbis, Dragonborn Paladin (The End of the RBB)
So much has happened...

Letter to Job


I’m not sure how to even begin. There has been vengeance, death, dishonor, and salvation in the past week.

The Red Band Brigade (RBB) has…well was…I’l get to the was… has been like a leech on this on the throat of this good town. Taking wealth, property and lives from innocents. As a group we decided we could not stand for such and took action.

After speaking with several of the townspeople we learned that honor was among them, but time and despair had worn their spirits into acceptance and pacifism. Such beyond my comprehension. We even spoke to a local merchant in hope of support, she refused even telling me that her profits were more important than the lives of her neighbors.

Unfortunately our investigation and subsequent conversations lead to an attempt to intimidate the town by the RBB. This attempt resulted in the burning of a home, while the home owner, a woman, was inside. Her death would not be in vain.

I continue to work to control my rage, but this day…I let it run free. We approached a run down tavern where the RBB was known to frequent. I had but one question…if they were responsible. Once confirmed we cut them to shreds.

Our actions set in motion a unification of Phandalin. Retired heroes banded together with Sildar at the helm as the temporary town master and Daran Edermath a retired member of the Order of the Gauntlet leading both his rangers and the rag-tag milita. Once gathered we constructed a plan, when the RBB attacked my group would sneak out and use a hidden entrance to move into the RBB headquarters, a dilapidated structure called Tresendor Manor and “cut the head off the snake”.

Night fell and the plan went into motion. Using the hidden entrance we were able to move into the heart of the manor. Upon entering we encountered the most vile of creatures, a nothic Tinkertots tells me it is called. At first, being it had not attacked, I tried to reason with it. Sadly, the creature spoke to my comrades in ways most personal and its intentions proved most violent. Through teamwork and the trusty shield you gifted me when I left we bested the monster.

Once patched up from our injuries we began searching for Glass-staff, the leader of the RBB. Bahamut smiled upon as Dregan used his knowledge to find not on but, two hidden passageways, which allowed us to surprise the wizard and subdue him quickly.

We returned to town to see the towns people had subdued repelled the RBB attack with minimal losses. Glassstaff was presented to Sildar, who identified him as his missing friend, Iarno Albrek. We also learned that a greater threat known as the Black Spider is behind both the disappearance of Gundren, but also the RBB attacks.

The town is now rebuilding. I will send you another message soon to explain my plans, not only to you but for my own benefit. Several threats to this area remain and I have notions to cause trouble for those with evil intent.

“Let there be light”

Kurbis Nadaar

The Story thus Far
Or how we beatup an old man

The adventurers began on what seemed a short trip to Phandelver from Neverwinter in the employ of Gundren Rockseeker. They set out to deliver some goods to the frontier town of Phandelver. Phandelver was a place of great wealth in the far past and was considered to be a powerful city at one time before Orcs and Dragons had destroyed it. There were many rumors and legends surrounding its wealth but no factual evidence had been produced. On the road the adventurers encountered the remains of Gundren and his friend Sildar’s horses. Upon investigation they were ambushed by Goblins. This resulted in them tracking the bandits back to a cave where they confronted Klarg and discovered Sildar imprisoned. Rescuing Sildar and defeating Klarg allowed the group to arrive at Phandelver but with many questions as the town seemed to be overrun by bandit “peace keepers” and no sign of Gundren.

While searching for Gundren’s whereabouts the party also looked for the source of the RBB (Red Band Bandits) and their illusive leader Glasstaff. Making new friends and inspiring the townsfolk they united to fight against the tyranny of Glasstaff and his band of thugs. While the town elders held off the main force, with the help of some of the villagers, the party snuck through a secret tunnel and discovered a nothic guarding the entrance. The beast engaged in some mind games but was struck down by the party. While looking through the desecrated living space of the Nothic they discovered a relic from another time Talon the heirloom of the Tressendar Family. The group confronted Glasstaff only to discover that he was the former friend of Sildar Hallwinter and one time leader of the Lord’s Alliance: Irano Albrek. They subdued him quickly and found out that all of the RBB has dissappeared and the town celebrated. Questioning Albrek revealed that he was just a mere pawn in a much larger game played by one person: The Black Spider. Who is this person. Is it a man? Is it a beast? Or is it something far more sinister with designs to see the whole region once again reduced to rubble…….

Journal of Kurbis, Dragonborn Paladin (The Triboar Trail)
Goblins, Traps, I can not turn away from Vengeance.

Nadaar Kurbis* writes in his journal and often to his father.*

Letter to Job:

Father the journey is indeed perilous.

I am currently writing you from the Stonehill Inn. While somewhat sore I am mostly unhurt. Which in itself is enough for even the most staunch Atheist to reconsider their stance on the subject of religion.

Shortly after we turned on the Triboar Trail we discovered the horses of both Lord Rockseeker and his riding companion Sildar. They had set out before us and we were to meet them in Phandelver. Fearing the worst we inspected the dead horses only to be set upon by a band or goblins! They were using the corpses of the animals as bait to attack travelers. We dispatched them as quickly as possible, Wren displaying some exceptional ability in her arcane arts and taking a few nasty injuries in the process. I could not help but be inspired by such a tiny person showing such bravery. I used my divine powers to heal her, yes yes I know you told me not to waste such a gift, but she had earned the right to be free of pain for the rest of this day.

We collected the goblins, destroyed their bodies and searched the area for any clues we might be able to gather from the area. I believe it was Rollen…or perhaps Wren who noticed the tracks leading to a hidden path in the forest. It was quickly decided we must follow and attempt to rescue our comrades from whatever fate awaited them.

Father I have considered myself comfortable in the forest, but took a serious injury via one of the many traps out enemy had left in wait for us. This accompanied with the anger of knowing our friends had been attacked was sending me into a rage. Thankfully the others kept cooler heads and we made our way to a goblin lair hidden in a cave.

Once there Rollen used his skills in Stealth to dispatch one of the lookouts. The other had surrendered but, (I am ashamed to say) was beaten and killed after interrogation by my own hand. Knowing that friends had been harmed by this gang of creatures clouded my judgement. Some of the party felt this was without issue, others felt I had murdered an defenseless creature. All I can reconcile about the event is this. If the creature had the chance, he would have killed us all, such things can not be allowed to exist. The goblin did give us some information. He mentioned a Castle by the name of Cragmaw, and two villians a King Groll of Cragmaw and someone/thing called the Black Spider.

We made our way into the goblin lair and with some arcane abilities Ferron managed to knock out their watch dogs. The tiefling is quite fond of animals of all kinds so we agreed to bind them and be on about our way. Rollen managed to work up a waste disposal …hole and found our true enemy Klarg, turns out he was in fact a bugbear.

Shortly there after we came upon a higher ranking Goblin named Yemick. He was prepared for us and had Lord Sildar with a knife to his throat. Despite every fiber of my being urging me to strike him down, we managed to parlay with the creature and rescue Sildar. Yemick retreated and has yet to be seen again.

Lord Sildar had no recollection of where Grunden had been taken, but he agreed we must put an end to Klarg’s terror. I handed Sildar my walking stick and we made out way through the cave.

Several minor engagements took place as we traversed the cave. Rollen and Dregan displaying great skill in the art of stealth dispatching guards as we worked our way through the cavern.

In short order we made out way to a great hall…perhaps a cistern system the goblins had created. Dregan was most unimpressed and warned that such a contraption was quite dangerous.

We used illusions and dancing lights to lure out the goblins that accompanied Klarg and his great houndbeast “Precious”, cutting them down in short order.

The ruckus caused Klarg and his beast to attack just as the second goblin fell. While I am skilled in combat I have never faced such a beast. Both I and Silar were incapacitated in short order, luckly we tied up the monster enough to allow my comrades to dispatch the creatures and mend both my and Silar’s wounds. We searched the villans lair of both reward and further clues. We found some minor rewards but nothing more than we had pulled out of the goblin guard from earlier.

Determined to recoup some losses both in honor and coin we took what appeared to be stolen goods back to the wagon on the trail and made our way to Phandelver.

Sildar has been very gracious and rented out pretty much the entire inn for our party. A cold quart of ale and warm meal will mend the last of my wounds and I believe Dregan will try and entertain tonight. This town could surely use it. The weight of the air is strange here. Its oppressive and the people never seem to hold their heads high. I have the feeling finding our friend Rockseeker will be just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to challenges we are about to face.

“Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.”

Your Son,

Nadaar Kurbis

Journal of Kurbis, Dragonborn Paladin (The High Road)
The road...

Nadaar Kurbis* * writes in his journal and often to his father.

Letter to Job:.**

Father, my travels have taken a turn that was most unexpected.

I’m continuing to follow the leads you gave me when I left last year. Nothing of major importance has been discovered, but my search must continue for me to ever have the peace and spiritual center required to take the Oath of Devotion and follow in our families footsteps. Remain filled with a unquenchable thirst for vengeance. So much wrong is done in our world. If not for coin, then in the name of dark spirits, if not that then for no other reason that to do harm.

After making my way through the* Crags* and searching the lead about Mount Hotenowe I took your advice and tracked down your friend Lord Gundren Rockseeker. I found myself longing for a good ale, some song and a warm meal and Lord Rockseeker was very happy to hear my stories of our travels and that you and mother were in good health. While I still living very comfortably on the gold you gifted me, Lord Rockseeker request I help some of his comrades escort a wagon of provisions down the High Road to the Triboar Trail and into the border town of Phandalin. After all the stories you and mother told me of the Sword Mountains and the once great city of Phandalin I couldn’t refuse.

When I met Rockseekers comrades I could hear your laughter already. Never has such a motly crew traveled together at one time. Even the draft horses pulling Rockseekers enormous wagon seemed to snicker as we all greeted each other. My band consists of the following:

  • A woodland Gnome wizard by the name of Wren “Tinkertots” Strifelaughter. She is of a pleasant demeanor and quite the capable in her arcane craft. I have enjoyed hearing of her travels, tho I have noted she speaks little of home. Mother would be proud, despite my curiosity I have not pressed on this issue, if our travels continue I’m sure such things would be shared if needed.
  • A Half-Elf Ranger who goes only by Rollen. Where Wren can be quite the conversationalist, Rollen is quite the opposite. We have hunted game together once or twice now and the Ranger moves as if he is a shadow. It was so unnerving the first time we went out I feared he a demon and began using my abilities to Detect Evil, fortunately he set off no alarm to my sense leading me to believe he is of a good heart.

*Ferron the Tiefling troubled me greatly on the first few days of our travels. At first he attempted to convince us all he was Dragonborn as well. Imagine my excitement! I can sadly count on one hand how many Dragonborn I have met in my life (all of which you had arranged and were present for) so the chance to speak with on during my travels was so very exciting. It was during our first conversations I realized I had been fooled. You know how much study I have put into the study of my people, as we discussed clan and such his story sadly feel apart. At first I was enraged, even to the point I was considering dueling the sorcerer on the spot, however his history and explanation of his purpose in deception softened my demeanor greatly. I had no idea the persecution tieflings endure in their lives. One can not affect their past, only who that are now…is that not what you taught me? If Ferron wishes to be my “pretend Dragon cousin” then I will allow it so long as his honor continues to be as he has displayed to me thus far.

  • Finally we have the Bard Dregan Battlebrand. Never has such a jolly a fellow lived in this world. His stories are utterly unending…at times to a detriment to our sleep! All this despite a , and I quote “tragic past of heroic deeds rewarded with deception from those most trusted” His tales from his time with the WarCallers tell me he is of the utmost honor.

In short I am proud to travel with these new comrades.

Tomorrow we turn off of the great High Road and onto the Triboar Trail. Reports of Bandits and Goblins have been heard on our journey so I will likely be unable to write again until I reach Phandalin. Tell mother I am safe and strong, she need not know the area I travel through. I wish to not trouble her.

I will protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Your Son,
Nadaar Kurbis

The Happenings in Phandalin

Editing and Additional Details to Come. Feel free to add to it

The Map to the Wave Echo Cave

Gundren had claimed to have found the secret location of the Wave Echo Cave. He only told the Townmaster of Phandalin, the Lord’s Alliance (10ish townmasters), and the owner of the Lion’s Shield Coaster. He had arranged the supply wagon to arrive in Phandalin so they could begin the digging activities to find the cave.


Dregan Battlebrand proved to his comrades once and for all the glorious music that one can play with nothing but a drum and a little rhythm. He began with a simple beat, a heartbeat of song, which led into a battle march. Men began chanting and feeling more courage than ever before. Inspiration swept across the room. Many began to weep at the heavenly sound that filled their ears.

Suddenly, a lute began to play, further empowering the magic of song. The voices of angels began to sing along. The heavens themselves couldn’t keep quiet. The blind could see and the deaf could hear. Lives were forever changed. Phandalin was forever changed.

Listen Here

Stonehill Inn

Where Sildar recommended the party stay

Lion Shield Coaster

Sells weapons & armor
Receive a 10% Discount
Returned stolen goods from the goblin cave.

The Rockseeker Clan

Nundro and Tharden, brothers of Gundren, were supposed to arrive in Phandalin 10 days ago, but went missing after heading east?

Northeastern Runes

Undead are here…trouble awaits!

Orc? Activity

Spotted eastward down the trail. See the townmaster

Tresendar Manor

Visited by Faerun who so bravely ran away away (after incinerating one of them and laying the remainder down for a nap)
Red Brand Bandits – Local bandit problem
Iarno Albrek?
Glasstaff – Leader?
Sleeping Giant Inn – Where the RBB dwell in Phandalin

The Defeat of Klarg & Precious

Yemick released Sildar Hallwinter after the paladin intimidated him. We helped him recover a bit. Dregan and Rolen made quick work of 2 goblin spotters on a bridge.

Tots alerted two of the goblins in Klarg’s room to a sound and we made quick work of them. Klarg and Precious followed. Klarg hit Sildar Hallwinter so hard he flew into Dregan and was knocked unconscious. Dregan dealt a fatal blow to Precious while the remainder finished off Klarg.

We found crates marked with a blue Lion Shield emblem on them and carried them out of the cave. We packed up the supply wagon and went on to Phandalin…

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