Lost Mines of Phandelver

Kurbis Journal Underdark.2

Underdark Day 1

Underdark Entry 2
Day 1 -somewhere on the shores of Whispers Lake -

How exactly the Bag of Holding Feron made became separated from me before I fell into the earth is something I am afraid will never be truly explained. Fortunately, I have a good habit of splitting supplies between traveling bags. I now sit beside a well-hidden fire in what one might call a cave watching a small pot boil a stew. After some sorting and emptying of pockets…my provisions are as follows:

-Clothing: My Red Cloak, Chainmail shirt and traveling clothes. (Were I not lost, alone, thought dead, and had no idea how to get back to my companions I would expend absurd resources to get the damned plate armor from the bottom of this lake ##$*! $!!!)

-Food: If I ration I will have roughly a week’s worth of provisions. Fresh water trickles down from all over. I hope to scavenge tubers and mushrooms to supplement. Not ideal, as I am not nearly as familiar with underdark foraging as I am on the surface…

-Weapons: I have my Kukri knife, my Mechanical Shield, and Talon. Of note, Talon is …. off down here. I had grown accustom to his mumblings while traveling, but down here he’s just off. Instead of whole thoughts I get emotions (fear, anger, humor and so on). Granted I have only been here for roughly 18 hours.

-Misc.: A bed roll, cooking pot, flint and steel, rope (Thank God), 1 invisibility potion, 3 health potions, half stack of bandages, my Journal (obviously), pack of candles, travel blanket, spare knife, one of Dregan’s throwing hammers, bottle of oil, water skins and a crowbar. So a rogue’s gallery of either very useful (more than one water skin) or very useless (A throwing hammer?!) items.

While I can’t be sure, my body is telling me it would be late evening. The fire has driven off my fear of hypothermia; and my stomach has finally settled from the fall thanks to a stew of dried sausages, a few tubers, and some dried herbs I had stored in my pack.

Now to sleep and pray that a rested mind will give me some insight into how I can escape this place.


allentbaltezore will_k_burke

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