Lost Mines of Phandelver

Kurbis Journal Underdark.3

Underdark Entry 3

My situation has changed…significantly. I awoke to find myself surrounded by Myconid. 12 of them to be exact, which was arguably more unsettling to me than coming awake in the middle of a “Circle”. I’ve encountered a few in my life and knew they are usually a passive people, so outside of my initial shock of waking up surrounded I knew I was relatively safe. That said, the number of them was very concerning.

Myconidi are ruled by some peculiar “rules”. One of with is their inability to travel in anything other than Fibonacci numbers. So to see this group consisted of 12 instead of 8 or 13…well I knew something was wrong.
Once they realized I wasn’t going to start killing them the Sovereign of the group (usually the oldest/largest) offered me a small fungal flower and motioned for me to inhale. This was also surprising. I was being invited into a meld with this circle. Which is exceedingly rare for other races. A meld is how the Myconid race communicates, it creates a telepathic bond, like I said…very rare. Short on friends I inhaled.

The flower contained spores that allowed me to communicate with the circle. In such instances Myconid usually do not refer to each other by name and all thoughts and knowledge is shared. In a gesture of respect, I cannot begin to describe how significant, my initial “conversation” began with me and the Sovereign only. He_ (such is not appropriate as Myconid do not have such classifications but the voice in my mind was male while others would be female (ater so I shall refer to them as such)_ explained to me that the bloom I had inhaled allowed only my thoughts directed to the group to be shared, as they did not care to give me all of their secrets and did not wish to take away all of mine. Once this was settled the rest of the group entered my the “conversation” and I learned that it was going to be a really long day….


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