Lost Mines of Phandelver

On the subjects of Spiders, Caves and Debts....2

part 2

I cannot speak as to how many hours passed inside that dark dank storeroom. If not for the ever so persistent “BOOM” from the back of Wave Echo Cave I feel as if one could simply forget time existed in such a place and through some dark portal, vanish from this world altogether.
Even so we managed to recover our strength and venture forth to finish what had been started month ago.

We kept to our North East West plan. Reaching the source of the constant “boom”. A large cavern with a as yet explained tidal push crashed against a rock wall. This cavern also marked the furthest north our current path would take us. Keeping with our, again completely unscientific, method we took a Eastern hallway. It was here we encountered the Spirit Mormesk.

I believe Mormesk exists on this plane out of sheer ego. Not ghost nor specter nor liche, he simply remains. He first berated us for existing in his presence, then threatened to end our lives for destroying his “brother” the flame skull that almost cost us our lives, and then…incredulously he requested we remove a Spector from a nearby chamber. Inside of these conversations we learned that Mormesk had been a powerful wizard, helping to operate the mine centuries ago and that Mormesk had two brothers, one of which had become the flame skull. Other items of interest were his affinity for books, a surprising willingness to share his knowledge and most importantly the location of the Black Spider’s basecamp.. His patience did reach an end as he sent us off to deal with the Spector or die in the process.

The Spector turned out to be the guardian of the Forge of Spells. At the height of the mine’s operation the Forge was used to create exceptionally powerful magical weapons, weapons that shaped the very history of this land. Wren quickly formulated a plan. I would slip into the room and after the rest of the party had taken the attention of the beast, I would charge in and strike. My blade swung true and mortally wounded the creature. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough and the beast unleashed a brief and ineffective counterattack. Feron ended the creature mercifully with arcane fire.

We bathed our armor and weapons in the arcane flame still flickering in the Forge and made our way to the Temple where The Black Spider had set up camp.


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