Wren "Tinkertots" Strifelaughter

Forest Gnome Wizard


With light brown skin, wide gray eyes, and wild, short brown hair that’s dyed a vivid blue, Wren Strifelaughter’s energetic and curious personality is stuffed into a tiny, gnome body.


Raised in the burrows of the Whispering Forest, Wren was devoted to her family—her artisan parents and two older brothers—and her constant companion, Nissa. When she was 13, her father noticed that she had the beginnings of great powers and sent her to the remote Karkoram Mountains to apprentice with the wizard Alcandros Aldair. Though she was captivated by the things that the wizard showed her, Wren hated being apart from Nissa, her family, and her home. One night while she was gone, a fire raged through the Whispering Forest. Though her family survived, it destroyed their home. And Nissa was killed while she slept. Heartbroken by the disaster, Wren recommitted herself to magic, intent on the learning the secrets of the mulitverse so that she could prevent experiencing that kind of suffering again.

Wren "Tinkertots" Strifelaughter

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