Lost Mines of Phandelver

After Darkness, Light

When the very elements fight against you

A distorted image of the elements steps through the portal. Its arms made of fire and water stretch out onto the field of flows. Its chest contorted with stone, dirt and air. The face is a blur of mixed elemental forces as the portal behind it continues to yawn ever wider. “So I may have underestimated this thing” Alain says as he climbs slow to his feet. “I thought I could control it”. Like a flash of lightning Kurbis moves across the ground and picks Alain up by his throat. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR GAMES MAGE!” he growls in his face. Alain doesn’t struggle but smiles weakly. “If your gonna do it….do it. I don’t have the strength anyways. But I think you are going to need my help to get through this.” Kurbis gives a conflicted look to the rest of the party. Torn between finally taking care of the one who has tormented them for so long and the horror that is slowly approaching them. “We may need the help” Feron says as he starts moving to take an offensive position. Kurbis tosses Alain to the side and pulls out Talon and his shield. “Stay behind me and do something useful then…..I will deal with your treachery once this business if finished” Miranis steps up to Alain and he struggles to a sitting position and places her hand on his chest. A warm golden glow flows through his form as wounds begin to heal. Tots shakes her head in frustration and begins chanting as wards surrond her and the rest of the party. Running to stand side by side with Kurbis, Mach pulls out Silver, “I suggest we get this over with then” he says with a growl. Alain stands up and pulls off his tattered robe revealing gleaming plate mail and sword on his hip. “Enemy of my enemy then” he says with a smirk. At that moment the distorted elemental straightens out and stands to its full height towering over everyone. A whispered voice fills the air “welcome to oblivion”. The sky suddenly shatters into a swirling chaos of stars colliding and an inhumane scream pierces the air…………..


allentbaltezore allentbaltezore

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