Lost Mines of Phandelver

Kurbis Journal Underdark.4

The circle was searching for a young Myconid that had gone missing a few weeks ago, a very special Myconid. Every 514229 weeks a Myconid Sovereign Prime is born, these Primes serve as the keepers of generations of their history. They serve has historian, teacher and prophet to all Myconid people. This particular Prime had gotten itself captured by group of Drow slavers that apparently had set up camp roughly an hour away. Being restrictively passive, the circle had set out to find some help and of course ran across me. Short on nearby allies I agreed to do what I could to help.

The circle had been following the slavers for many days prior. Through the rapport spore connection, I was able to absorb all they had seen and heard as if I had done so myself. The group consisted of approximately 4-7 Drow warriors in assorted armor and weapons they appeared to take orders from the commander who went by Shoor. A pair of Drow priestesses ran the show. Ashee a lesser priestess and Ilvara the leader. The captives consisted of quite the rogue’s gallery. The young Myconid, a Kuo-toa, a female dwarf, and one of the biggest Quaggoth I had ever seen in my life.

Luckily my new friends had also thoroughly scouted the area and I quickly identified a location where I could even the odds. I would be facing unknown numbers with only Talon to defend myself with. As we arrived within striking distance ,but still comfortably out of sight, we stopped for a moment so I could get my bearings and the group could rehash the gamble that was disguising itself as a plan.


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